Sweet Jane

Swallow your wishful thinking, kitten! There’s no escape from me.

I whisper sweet lullabies over your shoulder, my beckoning breath clings heavy, doesn’t it?

Feel the anxiety as it crawls inside you, the nausea, the sweat that pricks your skin.

You need me, you see, I’m your Sweet Jane. I just want to make you better, kitten. Don’t you want to be better?

Watch me laugh in your mind, I dance and twist, I’ll haunt you and taunt you and tease you ’til you come to me….

And it’s only a matter of time until you come to me.



the night I hit and ran

I’d had a couple of bourbons to try and calm down. They didn’t work. I missed Quaaludes. The compulsion to rush home was too strong. I just had to yell and scream at  her. And remind her exactly where she stood.

A light drizzle fell on my windscreen. How annoying. I wanted an earth-shaking, ear-splitting, nerve-rattling storm.  Not bloody spittle.

Then it flitted into the corner of my eye. A fixed mouth, a frozen stare. It cracked my windscreen and went over the roof of my car. My brakes locked and I skidded to a stop.

A twisted heap in my rear-view mirror.

Blonde hair glowing under street-light.

3 deep breaths.

2 kilometers to my house.

1st gear.

After that I stayed within the speed limit.