The Versatlie Blogger and Liebster Blog Award

What a shock! I’d like to thank the awesome DetrimentallyDisgruntled for nominating me for both!! 😀 Her posts, illustrations and art are incredible, they always make me so very happy. Check her out if you haven’t already!

So, now I’m meant to reveal seven things about myself and nominate fifteen more blogs for the Versatile so here we go:

*I really dislike cats.

*I put tomato sauce on almost everything I eat.

*My partner is British.

*I love all things Japanese.

*I am a licensed pyrotechnician. Early next year I’m getting my explosives license too 😀

Well, that was awful. 5 is enough.

Now, I’m pretty new to this so I don’t follow many blogs yet, also I have a habit of doing things by halves (I write short stories for a reason) so instead of 15, I’m nominating seven. Most of these I follow for a damn good chuckle. Here are the awesome seven:

The Mainland


Boggleton Drive

The Hook

The Dissemination of Thought

The Dingleberry

Nicole and Gwendolyn (not for comedic value)

For the Liebster Blog Award:

  • Firstly, one must thank graciously the blogger who bestowed the reward upon them
  • You must pass on the award to five other bloggers; however, they must have less than or exactly two hundred followers
  • Naturally, you must then let every nominee know that they have been given the award
  • You must display the award on your blog

Again, I’m doing things by halves here. The 3 I have chosen for this one are:

OccultoAntonio: his art is amazing!

NicoleandGwendolyn A powerhouse of support and information for those trying to recover from an E.D.

Dissertations of the Heart Soulful and moving.

Thanks again to Becky for nominating me!!