The house sighs heavily through open windows, empty without you, shivering loneliness blots out the searing midday sun. The television flirts loudly for my attention, but I barely notice, checking my phone compulsively, wondering why you are so late. Agony rises with the tick of the clock. My stomach, heavy like a stone, warns me you wont show. Tears prick my eyes and my throat, it chokes, how could you stand me up like this?
There is a knock on my door, I leap to attention, it’s you! Apologizing profusely, kissing me on the cheek. It’s fine!, I smile, foolish for doubting you mere moments before. There is no time to offer you wine. I need you in my arms.
We lay together in my bed, our skin tingling with electric heat,
ecstatic to feel our warm embrace, to smell our hair, to touch our skin.
You frown at me. “I love you, you know”
I nod in mute sadness, it wretches my heart, furrows my brow. You kiss me tenderly to pacify me, to tell me we’re going to be alright.
Dusk swallows my cosy nest, how quickly the day passes with you in my arms! Dread clutches me as the night quickly falls. I can’t bare for you to leave but nor can I beg you to stay. We both know that by now you should be at home with your husband.


14 responses to “Porcelain

  1. There’s parts of me that think there is no way you could write this as fiction… because it’s so believable.

    The emotional descent into this affair is intractable. To be that fleeting lover, betwixt by agony of the setting sun and the embraces of a pacified heart.

    I’m a fly on the wall – jealously so. 🙂

  2. I agree with an above comment: how do you write all these fictional pieces so well and so convincingly D: I mean, seriously? Like……. really (bad grammar shows I’m really blown away ahahah)?!!

    I know the feeling of waiting for someone and how silly you feel when it’s alright in the end, but wow, what a twist!

    I’m bowled over, as always, by your magnificent writing!

    Also, I like how you described the television as being flirtatious.

    (I somehow just pressed back on my browser, to my horror, but when I pressed forwards again, my comment was still here in the reply box, safe and sound, what a relief! I hate typing things twice, just because it doesn’t have the same emotion or feeling and it’s a pain, if you know what I mean? I don’t mean that in a personal, nasty way ahahah :>)

    • Thank you so much 😀 I don’t know how I write convincing stories but I’m so happy that you think they are!
      Last night I was editing my longest post yet (still only 450 words) and I managed to delete the WHOLE THING! It was infuriating but I can rewrite it now that I’ve calmed down. So, I don’t take that personally at all xx

  3. Just like everybody else I loved this story and especially the twist at the end, so yeah, sorry my comment won’t be witty, enthralling and original, but then again we already have all of the above mixed together in your story – no need for them in a comment then, right?! 🙂

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