the night I hit and ran

I’d had a couple of bourbons to try and calm down. They didn’t work. I missed Quaaludes. The compulsion to rush home was too strong. I just had to yell and scream at  her. And remind her exactly where she stood.

A light drizzle fell on my windscreen. How annoying. I wanted an earth-shaking, ear-splitting, nerve-rattling storm.  Not bloody spittle.

Then it flitted into the corner of my eye. A fixed mouth, a frozen stare. It cracked my windscreen and went over the roof of my car. My brakes locked and I skidded to a stop.

A twisted heap in my rear-view mirror.

Blonde hair glowing under street-light.

3 deep breaths.

2 kilometers to my house.

1st gear.

After that I stayed within the speed limit.


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